EditVenue Infoserv Pvt Ltd.

Welcome to EditVenue

  • We are a comprehensive organization serving clientele who have a need to publish content, knowledge or information. We intend to always be the trusted, ideal partner for our clients through constant customer enchantment. We are an employer of preference, mounting global leaders from within and maintaining maximum values of variables. We have the top standards of operational brilliance and service quality with a balance of rich experiences and cost efficiencies, enabling our client with ultimate satisfaction.
  • EditVenue is born to fly in the e-publishing sky, with the sky as its limit in terms of quality and success. The company was started by a group of enthusiastic professionals, who has expertise in the e-publishing processes with years of experience working with prestigious publishers on various challenging projects. The goal of the company is to stand out among the group and prove to be a highly reliable service provider for overall e-publishing requirements, providing user-friendly custom-made solutions making the clients feel that their work is in good hands to be molded as a perfect output.

Pre-press Services:

  • The aim of launching the company is to provide end-to-end pre-press services to authors and publishers ranging from budding authors to prestigious publishers. Being a professionally dedicated company, we strictly adopt industry standard practices and always remain updated with the latest know-hows to keep pace with this fast-growing field, to become a dominant service provider. To add, the company is always flexible to adapt to the varying needs of the market.
  • We focus on consistently providing trustworthy service at reasonable rates in a timely manner. While it is our target to maintain ‘top-quality’ standard ever, we always assure timely delivery of the print-ready files without any delay, on the agreed dates. With advanced technology gadgets in place, and workflows fully automated, possessing in-depth knowledge of every single process involved and, of course, through skillful manpower with hands-on experience, we are able to march forward successfully, progressing day by day at a steady pace, updating ourselves with the latest technology developments. Our well-organized infrastructure enables us to offer a great experience of the publishing process to our clientele.

Writing Services:

  • Apart from pre-press services, EditVenue also offers content development services – again, the purpose is to include all publications related services on the same platform. We do have a great team of writers, who are proficient in writing top-quality content on any given subject and are capable of handling any type of project, be it technical, social, academic or fiction. You can contact us for any of your writing tasks at any time.

Automated Processes:

  • We have automated all our processes in order to rule out errors and to speed up, so as to adhere to the deadlines agreed and submit the completed task to the client with perfection. Our well-trained and highly skilled in-house manpower indeed excels in producing quality outputs, handling the processes dedicatedly. Thus, our professionals can ensure timely completion of your projects without compromising the quality. We work closely with the publisher as well as authors in order to take total accountability of their publication project right from the manuscript stage to the final printer files stage.

Our Workflow:

  • Receipt of manuscript from Publisher/Author.
  • Copyediting of the manuscript (in the level sought by the publisher/author).
  • Conversion of the copyedited files into XML file format to proceed with pagination process.
  • Art work processing by our Graphics team, who will redraw, re-label and create illustrations as required.
  • Typeset the converted files in a pagination software of the publisher/author’s choice.
  • Proof-reading of the typeset pages by the Proof-reading team, who will check for errors introduced during the typeset process by the Paginators.
  • The proof-read pages will be moved to the Editorial Proofreading (EPR) team, who will perform a thorough proof-reading on editorial aspects to ensure that the final pages are free from any type of copyediting errors.
  • The proofs will be sent to publisher/author to enable them to check and approve and also, to change, include or delete any content.
  • The author-marked corrections will be collated and incorporated in the proof pages. The updated final files are proof-read again to ensure it is totally free from errors of any kind.
  • The final printer files will be submitted to the publisher/author along with the relevant XML files.

Our Range of Services is Extended to:

  • STM and HSS Books as well as Journals.
  • MRWs (Major Reference Works) that includes encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries.
  • Books of all sorts: legal, trade, academic, etc.
  • Our typesetting technology supports markup languages such as SGML, XML, MathML as well as TeX. However, we follow XML-first workflow and our XML files are compatible with the publisher’s DTD. We can supply XML at different stages for the purposes of online hosting as well as archiving.

How reliable are we:

  • You can submit your manuscripts and stay relaxed as we will keenly process your manuscripts stage by stage to make it a successful publication. In this regard, we will:
  • Contact you as and when needed on any missing items or for any other queries.
  • Meet schedules for each and every process to have the project move forward without interruption.
  • Carefully collate all author corrections and get the same updated in the final pages without missing any.