Writing Services

Writing Services

  • Our writing services include writing content for websites, writing Abstracts for varied publications, writing Alt Text for the images of works published in websites, and also Ghost writing. Our team of writers are highly qualified and substantially experienced with excellent skills to create top quality, unique content on any topic/subject. The team has wide knowledge about using apt keywords that are SEO-friendly, which could enable your website to get listed in the preliminary pages, thus giving room for more visitors to your website.
Below are the specific writing works we undertake:

Content Writing:

  • Our writer team can write exceptional contents on any topic – be it related to Medical, Business, General or Academic areas or research papers on any subject. They are capable of doing a thorough research to provide the topic with most appropriate and rich content, presenting the same in a consistent pattern that could grab the readers’ attention.

Abstract Writing:

  • An Abstract portrays what your publication is all about in just a paragraph. It is the Abstract that draws the attention of the website viewers during their search for a particular online publication. Readers always choose to read the Abstract to find out if the particular publication is pertinent to their requirement, prior to buying a book. Thus, an Abstract is an important piece of work that must cover all major/key information contained in the book to serve the purpose it is meant for. Indeed, it is a well-written Abstract that plays the key role in marketing your publication.
  • Our professional writers can write perfect Abstracts for your publications. We have specialist writers dedicated to write Abstracts alone. Our Abstract writers have sound knowledge about the writing methodology and are always aware of applying the key components: Motivation, Problem Statement, Approach, Results and Conclusions, while writing Abstracts. Thus, they enable the readers to get a clear-cut idea about the importance and necessity of your work, the scope of the work and narrate how it provides solution to certain problems, the ways to be followed to succeed by overcoming those problems and the ultimate result. Moreover, they ensure that the ABCs: Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity, the three main focus points, are maintained in the Abstract to convey the exact message of the book. They use apt keywords to enable the search engine to capture the same and throw the Abstract to the view of the potential readers when they browse the internet.
  • Our Abstract experts are well-versed in doing wonderful works of writing both Informative as well as Indicative Abstracts for a survey/experiment/investigation, which are documents of great importance, and for books, essays, etc., respectively. They can write Abstracts of any word count, ranging from 50 to 300 words.

Alt Text Writing:

  • Alternative text, known as ‘Alt text’ is nothing but an attribute used via an HTML file for an image to explain the viewers of websites, the purpose of the image presented. Alt text is a must to convey information about an image, when the link for the image gets affected due to a broken URL or other technical problems. Thus, Alt texts enable writers to have images narrated with ease.
  • We do have expert Alt Text writers, who can tactfully pick apt words to frame Alt text contents to convey correct information about the images using few words. Alt texts possibly contain the key words of a publication and so could also be of help in making publications thrown into limelight easily in the search engines.

Ghost Writing:

  • Ghost writers are those, who write or re-write content or books for individuals or organizations in the name of the person, who hire them for writing. However, the Ghost writer will be listed as the co-author or as editor of the book, in certain cases. We do have a dedicated team of Ghost writers and welcome clients to contact us to avail the service of our Ghost writers.